Choosing a Very Good Bottle of Wine

Monday, January 10, 2011

Shopping for the Very Best of Wines and Knowing What to Look For

Wine shopping today has certainly changed a lot. With supermarket chains and alcohol conglomerates moving into this field, the rise of cellar doors and many new wine regions and numerous technological alternatives, today wine lovers have multitude of choices available.

So now which are the best of wines when screening all the choices available to you? We are putting together our favorite picks to answer that age old question-where can I shop for wine?

Large chains usually come with wide selection and varieties of best of wines. French champagnes, Australian wines, etc. Though you get the choice of getting your wine in bottle or cask, however you must be wary. This is so because people who sell wide variety of wines rarely have knowledge about their products. Whereas smaller retailers will easily answer all your questions, though they many have somewhat limited choice of wines.

Red wines are very classy and are preferred products currently in the industry and they are further sub-grouped based on the types of grapes used in fermenting them. These wines are also categorized as partly sweet, sweet and many other types. Therefore their choice is based on the familiarity of the person with its different flavors.

Many types of red wines are very popular in offline and online markets like Cabernet Sauvignon which is the favorite and has been voted high by the Wine Institute. Another best one to try is called merlot which has mild and delicious flavor and has registered big sales in entire United States recently.

Many Italian varieties are superb for anybody willing to pay good dollars for a great bottle and there are many good brands like Barolo, Brunello, etc. The people who are looking for best of wines far away from home can try the Spanish red wine with its Merlot style which is most preferred.

Port is a fortified wine which is made from the grapes which are grown in the Upper Valley areas of Douro river in the North Portugal. The original wine is strengthened with some addition of the distilled wine in the early production phase. This blend has a 22-24 % alcoholic strength as compared to usual 11-12 % in average wines.

Collectors usually find gems at auctions and wines are no different. Wine auctions are great way to buy best of wines. You gain access to unusual, rare and international wines by adopting this route. You must however do in-depth research before buying these wines. All this understanding and knowledge is a great precaution to avoid getting carried away in some bidding war!

Direct at winery and the cellar doors are great places to shop for best of wines. In many parts of world, wine producing areas offer some really great winery tours, winery direct sales, cellar doors and this can be a great option for shopping for wines when you are in a new region enjoying your holidays.

You can use internet to purchase best of wines as it offers you a wide range of choices. However, you should fully understand all clauses and delivery fees and other descriptions to understand as to what you are buying as this will surely make your experience of shopping for wines a great one!

Looking to Choose a Good Glass of the Finest of Wines

A good glass of wine is now accessible to just about anyone. Wine snobs are a thing of the past, as local wine companies are producing outstanding bottles, and people understand that preferences are subjective. Picking a good bottle of vino no longer has to be an art for the connoisseur, as now even screw-top, and wines in boxes from small wine companies are receiving high scores by wine review critics.

Types of Wine

There are two types of drink: red and white. Whites are usually served cold, and reds are either served room temperature or slightly chilled. Tradition taught that whites went with chicken and fish, and reds complimented red meats. But while that theory may still hold true, there are some wines that break the rules quite nicely.

While all varieties come from grapes, combining fruits, other additives, and the aging process create different flavors. Reds are produces using red or black grapes along with the skins, stems, and seeds. While whites are made from just the clear juice of any color grape, which make them a bit sweeter than the heavier red ones.

Selecting the Best of Wine

Some people may light and sweet whites, while others like the drier reds. A wine review is basically one person’s opinion. It is not possible to determine how a bottle will go with food by just tasting the drink by itself. A good wine review will not necessarily depend on large wine companies according to Best of Wine.

When selecting a bottle to be served with a meal, there are some basic things to consider. Light bottles go with lighter tangy foods, and full-bodied bottles will taste best with rich foods, roasted or baked dishes. If serving a bottle with dessert, it should be as sweet as, or even sweeter than, the dessert.

Surprisingly, salty foods emphasize the fruitiness of a sweet wine, and fatty foods should be served with acidic wines.

At a dinner party when serving multiple wines, always serve the whites before the reds, and higher alcohol content ones before lower alcohol content ones.

Tannins and Acidity

It is the tannin in drink that will determine the wine review. Tannins come from the stalks and skins of the grapes. A young bottle of vino will be slightly bitter due to the tannins which aging makes the taste subtle. High acidity makes for a tart taste, while low acidity will taste flat. It is the acidity that makes people refer to tangy, sharp, bright, crisp, or refreshing characteristics.

Now throw out all the rules and buy the best of wine that tastes good.